SAWO, Sauna World sauna, and steam products were born in 1994 and have been manufactured in Finland, Germany, and Austria.

Sawo Inc., ISO-certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) is one of the largest sauna heater and sauna accessories manufacturers in the world with more than 300 people in Finland and Hong Kong. Sawo Inc. is the first major European sauna company having her own manufacturing with outstanding Finnish management and sauna experts also in Asia. The objective of SAWO is to manufacture world-class authentic Finnish sauna products for customers all over the world to enjoy genuine and fantastic sauna.

SAWO products include a wide range of sauna heaters, steam generators, sauna accessories, modular sauna rooms, modular steam rooms, sauna wood panels, and timber. Wood materials are high-grade quality and coming from Europe, Canada and USA.

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