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Sauna Luxe offers services as consult, design, supply and install so you can build your own sauna
or convert your existing room into a sauna room. We will customize the kit for your room so give
us a call or fill out the form below with the dimensions of your room.
We will quote you for the entire package:

• Infrared heaters/Traditional sauna heaters
• Digital control panel
• Timber
• Insulation barrier
• Lightings
• Full set of sauna accessories:
Wooden Bucket & Ladle, Sand Timer, Thermo-Hygrometer, Sauna Rocks

Build your own sauna components are available for all room sizes from large commercial
sauna rooms to small home sauna rooms. We will customize the room to fit your needs.
Available options include:

• Other lighting effects: Fibre optic/concealed lightings
• Glass panels
• Bluetooth/Aux Audio System with Speakers (Infrared sauna only)



Ever tried the finest quality of so wood timber? Sauna Luxe lets you feel the quality and genuine craftsmanship of so wood to complete your sauna aer the room has been framed, wired and insulated.We also supply Tongue and Groove Cabinetry with a ship lap profile for walls, door lined and ceiling, delivering one of its most meticulous, precise and sturdy sauna room for you.



One of the highest demand timbers in the industry to create a better ambiance as the flawless wood creates a trendy and cosy atmosphere in the sauna room. Spruce paneling is with slight scent of grain, naturally inherited beautiful yellowish colour with small knots and pronounced grain will enliven sense and create a relaxing setting for sauna therapy. Spruce is stained with water, more dense and durable. It will exquisitely turn darker as it aged.

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Also known as Malaysia Agathis Wood with a very fine and even texture, with straight grain. Sapwood is not dierentiated from the heartwood, which is bu or cream, sometimes with a pink tinge and darkening into a light golden brown. Growth rings are present but not sharply marked, indicated by layers of thicker walled tracheid.

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The Cedar sowood is strongly scented and resinous. It is considerably harder than most commercial sowoods, it has excellent and wear properties. The sowood is valued for its strength, extreme durability and outstanding beauty. It is also renowned for its distinctive, fine texture and straight grain.

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