Product Description

Traditional Steam Rooms are a popular way to wind down and relax at home or in commercial facilities like gyms, health clubs and resorts. Steam Rooms are high humidity heated environments, intended for relaxing and cleansing. The temperature of a steam room is usually between 40-45 Degrees Celsius for maximum comfort and relaxation. A traditional steam room is tiled on walls, ceiling and floor to provide a waterproof surface on the room interior. The steam generator unit converts electricity and water into vaporized steam which goes through pipes to steam heads inside the room for the bather to enjoy. Think of hooking up a steam generator like installing a water heater, with cold water piped in, steam piped out and an electrical circuit. For large commercial steam rooms, a gang of steam generators or a steam boiler is utilized that does the same task on a much larger scale.

Steam Room Design: when constructing a tiled steam bath room, consider these design points: be sure tile or wall material of room interior is rated for the hot moist conditions of a steam bath.

• Generally, vents and windows are not recommended in steam rooms
• A floor drain is installed for allowing water from steam to drain and for cleaning
• The ceiling height should be kept less than 8 feet high
• design room so condensation has a path to travel down to drain without dripping, slight sloped ceiling & benches, etc.
• seal all material and accessory joints (door jamb, steam head, etc) to tile with a high temp silicone sealant.